I’m “suspiciously viral PR looking”

Three things I’d do differently if I really was a viral marketing campaign:

  1. I’d hook my Wii up to a video capture card, so that the product I’m trying to virally market looks half decent instead of blurry and indistinct thanks to crappy photos of my crappy CRT television.
  2. I’d probably avoid bagging the software I’m trying to virally market; you know, by not posting about how Wii Fit encourages kids to tease their siblings for being fat.
  3. I’d certainly not post a picture drawing attention to the fact that while Australian currency is almost at parity with the US dollar, Nintendo is gouging Aussie customers — US$90 should be AU$95, not the AU$119 my boss paid, and definitely not the AU$150 RRP!

But hey — you read it on the internet, so it must be true.


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