Stick to the plan

Extra Life - Wii Fit

Extra Life’s take on Wii Fit is fairly apt, given my week. I’ve been checking in for my Body Test every morning, but haven’t been able to make time for as much exercise as I’d hoped. I did play a game of corporate netball, and do some pushups, but that’s about it. My weight has just sort of hovered.

I got back on track, the last couple of days, though. Yesterday, I worked my way through all of the yoga and muscle exercises I’ve unlocked so far; today I went for a short jog. So with Scott Johnson’s little dig at Wii Fit users hitting home, I’m going to have to make a bigger effort to find time for it this week! I’ll post snapshots of my progress as soon as I have time to fiddle with the camera.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting interview by Chris Kohler at Wired, with Wii Fit’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto. It has a great punchline:

You take up gardening, we get Pikmin. You get a bathroom scale, we get Wii Fit. I feel like it would be a disservice to our readers if I didn’t ask: What are your hobbies right now?

I knew someone was going to ask me that question. (Nintendo President Satoru) Iwata has told me absolutely not to tell anyone. Of course, I did go jogging in Central Park this morning.

All right, there’s our clue.

Yesterday I ate a hamburger.


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